In Summer 2015 for the first time I was in Finnland as an Artist in Residence. Initialy living and working with several artists in an old traditional artist culture landscape in Rouvesi, Pekkalan lathi, later in the villa of the painter Nelimarrkka in Alajärvi.
From that, several series of aquarells of landscapes, painted with blueberries emerged, as well as installations and sculptures, performances and temporary works in the woods, photos and videos.

In the exhibition series of lueberry aquarell drawings from two different locations are presented, dealing with the phenomenon of the horizon. Horizon as visualization of the “in between” of earth, water and skies, the convergence of different elements and existence. In doing so, a third, unexplained room arises, which concernes myself in particular and searches for expression in the images.
With blueberry I did manifold experiments, applied raw, thinned with water, or boiled down with sugar. Regarding to light fastness and brilliance, this blueberry color reacts very different over time. So this images will be subject to a continuous process of change and transience.

The first five paintings of the series originated in direct plain air painting by the lake at Ruovesi. Here I discovered the therabouts growing blueberries as artist color. The images show, in an very reduced manner most diverse moods of day, weather and light. This is reflected by the delicate, warm, and on the aquarell paper totally different reacting cobalt-like blue of the berry color.
This color changed through the years very much, has faded and taken on a gray tone.
Some day it will be gone completely.

The second part of the series evolved in the studio at the Villa Nelimarrkka. This landscapes arose from post momorization of previously seen and photographic documentations. The color was made form blueberries out of the garden and the nearby forest. They have changed less, they are almost as present as at the time of origination.

© Simone Braitinger, Alajärvi