Vaihto-oppilaamme Lewis

The 18-year-old Australian (Rotary) exchange student Lewis Habraken was almost a year here, in Finland.

The idea of coming to Finland was that he wanted something different than Australia and he didn't know

much about Finland, so he came here. He didn't have many stereotypes of Finland. Just snow and sauna.


Lewis landed in Finland in January 21.2011. His first impression was that it was cold of course, but first of all it was quiet. No car horns, no people yelling. It was peaceful he said.


After he was settled, he came to school. He thinks that the Finnish upper secondary school is great. He said that it is very independent and there are good supplies and clean places. Teachers have high standards, which is a great thing. But what he really respects is the free and tasty school dinner!


Lewis has met a lot of new people and he has had many new friends. "First Finnish people are very shy, but when you get to know them, they are very understanding and they don't judge you as much as others do" he said.


Leaving back to Australia is something he doesn’t want to think about. He didn't feel homesick in Finland, he just missed little things and people back home. Back home he is excited to see his family and friends, but leaving is a hard thing for him.


The visit to Finland was a life changing opportunity for him. He won’t ever forget the trip. He experienced lots of memorable adventures here.

He told us how the whole-Europe trip, trip to Russia and many trips to Lapland were very memorable. But above all most memorable was meeting all the great people in Harjavalta and spending time here.

Lewis promised to come back as soon as he can and he has been recently looking at universities in Finland.

Hope he comes back soon, we all miss him! 

Juho V.

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