The history of the town of Harjavalta

¤ municipality 1869

¤ market town 1968

¤ town 1977

Area: 128 square kilometers (49.42 sq. mi.). Land area 124 square kilometers (47.88 sq. mi.)

Population on January 1, 2011: 7540

Income tax rate for 2011: 18,75%

Real estate tax rates for 2010:

¤ general rate for real estate 0,85%

¤ permanent residences 0,32%

¤ buildings used as second residences 0,92%

¤ power plants 2,85%


The town of Harjavalta

Harjavalta covers 128 square kilometers (49.42 sq. mi.). 124 square kilometers (47.88 sq. mi.)are land areas, and 4 square kilometers (1,54 sq. mi.) are covered by water. The largest body of water in Harjavalta is the lake-like expansion of River Kokemäenjoki created by the power plant dam. The town is surrounded by pine forests, and the terrain is mostly flat, with the exception of the rock formations on the northern bank of the river and the Hiittenharju Ridge on the southern side of the town.

Neighboring municipalities

Harjavalta is bordered on the east and south by the towns of Kokemäki and e municipality of Eura and on the north by the municipality of Nakkila and the towns of Ulvila and Kokemäki.

How to get to Harjavalta

Harjavalta is located along the Pori-Tampere railroad line and the National Highway 2 between Pori and Helsinki. There is also a road between Harjavalta and Turku.

Driving distances to other towns:

¤ Pori 30 km (18.64 mi.)

¤ Helsinki 210 km (130.49 mi.)

¤ Tampere 110 km (68.35 mi.)

¤ Turku 110 km (68.35 mi.)

¤ Port of Pori 50 km (31.07 mi.)

¤ Port of Rauma 60 km (37.28 mi.)

¤ Pori Airport 25 km (15.53 mi.)



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